How to Wholesale Good Quality and Cheap Women's Clothing?

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It is always our pursuit to find high quality and cheap women's clothing products. The next two aspects of "high quality" and "cheap" will be introduced in detail, reading this article can help newcomers to wholesale women's clothing.

How to wholesale high quality women's clothing?

We are looking for a good source of women's clothing, and quality is of the utmost importance. So how do we determine the quality of clothing? There are some ways to determine the quality of women's clothing as follows.
Women's clothing incoming, we must first learn to check the quality of the clothing. The quality of clothing starts with checking the size. Measure the garment length, bust, collar length, sleeve length, shoulder width, and trouser length, hip circumference, waist circumference, to see if the size specifications are accurate, the error should generally be less than 1.5%. After checking the specifications, the focus should be on verifying the inner quality of the garment. This can be done by visual inspection, sizing and strict checking. It is best to conduct a visual inspection first when trying on.
  (1) Top: check from the front, back and side. From the front: observe whether the two sharp corners of the collar are symmetrical, do not have high or low or skewed phenomenon, should be braced, the size of the collar is appropriate; whether the pocket position is symmetrical, whether the shoulder blade area is wide and comfortable, whether the back fork is flat. From the side: mainly look at the shoulder seam is straight, clothes, sleeves are round and even, can not have uneven or deflated fault. Then see whether the sleeve is consistent with the front and back, whether the hem seam is straight and flat service, etc.

  (2) pants: can be divided into plane, upper, three-dimensional three-step inspection. Flat inspection: choose to align the seams, flatten them, see if the seams are straight, not hanging cracks, whether the side seams are flat, the pocket pads are not exposed, whether the trouser legs are fitted, consistent in size, not hanging pockets. Then pull up one pant leg to see if the lower stall seam is aligned, straight, not hanging crack, and whether the intersection with the back seam is flat and straight. Check the upper part: mainly look at whether the waist is straight, not fat and not tight, whether the tucks and seams are symmetrical, whether the back pocket is flat and flat, whether the small flap of the string suit is flat and whether the position is accurate, whether the flap and the lapel are qualified and round; whether the zipper is flexible. Stereoscopic inspection, the waist of the pants according to the shape of wearing pick up, see whether the front and back seam is round and smooth, four compartments are quite seam, pants, seam is flat, not hanging crack.

  (3) women's clothing fabric inspection: see whether there are obvious defects, color differences and damage and other conditions. If there is, it does not meet the quality requirements.

How to wholesale cheap women's clothing?

The source of goods is one of the biggest headaches for newcomers to wholesale women's clothing. We know: good and cheap clothing sources will give us more profit, and at the same time means that the store will be more competitive. So how do we find these cheap and practical women's clothing sources?
Pay close attention to changes in the clothing market and make full use of network information to find inexpensive sources. Take the high sales of brand-name clothing on the network, we need to be in season or outlet mall to find the style and quality of brand clothing, and then resell, using the geographical or time difference to obtain sufficient profit. There are three main ways to buy women's clothing: physical wholesale market, online wholesale website, wholesale manufacturers.

In the wholesale market to buy goods for the number and cost will have certain requirements. And in the wholesale market prices are not transparent, there will be the same style and quality of different stores have different prices. However, the quality of the wholesale market can be controlled by yourself, you can also choose the style of better clothes.

With the development of the Internet and logistics and transportation, there are now more and more online wholesale platforms. Online wholesale can make it easy and convenient for those store owners who have little time and limited capital to open a store. Now there are too many online wholesale platforms, mixed, easy to encounter the phenomenon of actually and pictures on the different, so be sure to choose the platform of the big brands, so that the quality of clothes will be guaranteed. Through the network wholesale platform, we can find brand discount clothing as well as foreign trade clothing, which are high-quality wholesale women's clothing sources. Some brands of clothing have a lot of inventory backlog and some businesses will buy all the inventory to wholesalers. Branded women's clothing is one of the most popular categories on the web, and many sellers are able to find their preferred branded clothing directly by way of search. And many brands, although they belong to the backlog in a certain geographical area, can turn out to be completely hot in a different area. Foreign trade women's clothing printed up quality, style, fabric, price and other advantages, has been a popular weight of clothing sold online. We can search on the Internet to find foreign trade clothing stores or foreign trade clothing manufacturers to be able to buy fashionable and trendy styles.

The resources of wholesale manufacturers are very difficult to find, and the amount of wholesale manufacturers require are very large, wholesale manufacturers are not generally operators can afford, will cause pressure on the operation of the clothing store pile of goods, this situation depends on their economic situation to consider, but the variety of manufacturers do, the price is relatively cheap.

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