Top 10 Most Popular Dresses

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In the wholesale women's clothing, dresses are popular items that can never be detoured. Whether in daily life or on a travel vacation, dresses are often favored by most women. Therefore, as a women's clothing operator, we need to know about dresses in order to better select dresses that meet the needs of our consumer base. There are many categories of dresses, and we need to be clear about the attributes of various dresses to reduce the chances of making mistakes in selection. Next, let us understand the top ten most popular dress styles.

Wrap dresses

The wrap dress is one of the representatives of French EffortlessChic. This type of dress is born with a lazy French style that looks carefree on the surface but is actually chic to the bone. Compared to the usual straight dresses, wrap dresses are more figure-appealing. The polka dot elements and deep V-neckline combination of the wrap dress is the most classic with. A timeless wrap dress is a great wardrobe staple that will be your saviour time after time. This wrap works in three ways; the open v-neck line will make you appear longer and leaner, the gathering at the waist will drape over and flatter the tummy area whilst the side tie accentuates the waist making you appear slimmer.
Keywords: good figure, femininity

One piece

The one piece is the most competent, and it is the essential style for Office Lady. The refined cut can cover up the excess flesh around the waist, so there is no need to worry about body problems such as thick arms. The most important thing is to have a waistline that covers up a large part of your body. The one piece dress with obvious waistline design can look confident and generous according to your body shape.
Keywords: simple, capable

Denim dress

The denim material is suitable for year-round wear, and the overall lack of complicated design gives a fresh and clean feeling, which is suitable for both men and women. The combination of denim material and a dress is a design that makes a statement. With the unique material of the denim dress, it is necessary to close the waist without a belt. A denim dress without a belt design needs to be cut directly to the shape of the waistline so that it doesn't look like a bucket to wear. Be careful: as the denim material is slightly hard compared to other fabrics, it must highlight the waistline.
Keywords: young, thin

Printed dress

The charm of printed dresses simply does not need to be said and it will not miss any vacation occasion. Prints come in a variety of patterns, and can be botanical, animal related, or some other small pattern with a sense of design. Geometric patterns such as stripes and polka dots will generally be easier to manage than floral. Many wrap dresses come with large prints, and the combination of the two is one of the most popular dress styles.
Keywords: casual, bright

Asymmetric dress

Asymmetric dresses are relatively complex in terms of design, so you need to choose simple solid colors in terms of color matching. A simple top with a complicated design bustier is the most common match.
Keywords: personality, casual

Figure-hugging dress

Figure-hugging dress fit the body perfectly and can present the bumpy body perfectly, usually giving a sexy, sensual visual effect. However, the figure-hugging dress is also a body defect exposure single product, soft material tight dress is not suitable for consumers with too much body fat; if the body condition is not particularly good can be appropriate to consider the material hard figure-hugging dress, can play a good restraint effect.
Keywords: sexy, show figure

Slip-on dress

Slip-on dress is most suitable for summer, hiding meat and cool. Influenced by fashion trends, everyone is more in pursuit of simple and comfortable clothing. The characteristics of this skirt are: medium-length, loose, no obvious waistline, making the whole person look lazy and comfortable. It can cover up the fat to be waist and belly and hip push on the skirt wide, suitable for different body shape consumers. The color is neutral with black and white khaki as the main color. Summer is more macaron color scheme, more lively.
Keywords: loose, comfortable

Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses are a timeless item, and the classic shirtdress is a must for commuting. It is similar to a shirt, with a small lapel, buttons, and looks square, the most common is a plain white shirt dress. In addition, the stripes and plaid elements themselves bring the neutral wind energy and shirt dress into one, giving a fresh and solemn feeling.
Keywords: commuter, demure

Peasant dresses 

Cute peasant dresses are winning the hearts of many women. As one of the most popular dresses, those who wear doll dresses are not necessarily young girls, but must have a childish heart. The puffy shape gives the overall basic tone of childish playfulness, adding some feminine elements to make the doll dress between girl and woman, more charming.
Keywords: childish, loose

Slip dresses

Slip dresses are never absent from every summer. The design that exposes a large area of the collarbone and neck can divert attention and can amplify the figure advantage to the maximum extent. A refreshing halter dress is not only elegant and fashionable, but also playful and sexy, highlighting a good figure and allowing you to be quiet in the annoying summer.
Keywords: cool, sexy

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