Shipping Policy

type of shipping

Lennyfashion shipped around the world. Just buy and enjoy our excellent service, we will deliver it directly to your door.
Our main mode of transportation is FedEx / UPS / DHL, they are international express transportation companies, safe and fast. Of course, their service is also home delivery.
For express delivery such as FedEx / UPS / DHL, we provide transportation insurance to protect your package from any loss or damage. For any problems reported, we will help solve your problems immediately.
We also use EMS, duty-free UK express delivery, other delivery depends on your location and order weight.
You can add some items to the shopping cart to get accurate information, and you will find the relevant transportation mode and freight in the shopping cart.


The freight depends on the weight of your item and the destination. The freight we charge is based on a large discount from the shipping company.
The average freight for express delivery is US $1.0-3.0 per garment, depending on the order quantity level, address and garment type. According to our experience, the larger your order, the lower the average freight, because the heavier the package, the cheaper the freight per kilogram.
Please note that the international express mode is more expensive than the standard mode. But it's safe and fast. There are some standard modes of transportation, the cost may be lower, but package loss or delay often occurs, and there is almost no insurance for package loss.
If your order is small and only used for sample quality inspection, you can choose standard transportation mode, such as EMS or Yun standard transportation.
If your order is a wholesale order, we strongly recommend the express delivery mode like FedEx / UPS / DHL. When the package is large, the transportation cost is actually similar to or cheaper than the standard transportation mode.

processing time

Our order processing and processing time is 2-7 working days after your payment. After the delivery is completed, the tracking number (if applicable) will be sent to your email registered in lennyfashion.
What is the processing time of the project?
After receiving your order, every product will go through strict quality control to ensure the quality of products. Note that different projects have different processing times. Generally, the average processing time is about 2 working days; However, it depends on the inventory status of the project. For small orders, the processing time is 2-7 working days, while for large orders, it takes about 3-9 working days.
We double check and repack every order before delivery to ensure that there is no quality problem, and all your order items are packed in clean and high-quality plastic bags.

Delivery time

For DHL, FedEx, ups and other express transportation or other express transportation according to your location, the transportation time is 3-7 working days. Most of the time, even in the peak sales season, the transportation time of express delivery mode is stable.
For standard freight, it usually takes 6-10 working days to reach most destination countries in the world. For some countries, it takes 15-30 days. In peak season, it takes longer depending on the custom state. The waybill number can usually be traced on the corresponding express website 1 to 2 days after delivery. Sometimes there may be a slight delay before a package becomes traceable when it is recorded by the respective carrier. This is beyond our control, so we urge our customers to be patient.
Sometimes, in the peak sales season, we may cancel some standard transportation, because the transportation time is affected, which is not conducive to our customers' shopping experience.
Annual Chinese public holidays
Chinese New Year (usually in February), Labor Day (May 1st every year) and Chinese National Day (October 1st every year). Please note that all delivery times will be affected at these times of the year as services from all our suppliers and logistics operators will be disrupted. It is usually delayed by 3-4 days, sometimes even longer. We apologize for any delay during this period and ask our customers to be patient.